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Started by Linkjay, July 26, 2016, 02:39:27 AM

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July 26, 2016, 02:39:27 AM Last Edit: October 18, 2016, 05:40:10 PM by linkjay1
So there are actually a lot of really cool things you can do on our forums to setup the most optimal experience. Let's get into a couple of cool features.

1. Set your own local time.

This one is pretty much the MOST essential one. Our forums are based in the Eastern Standard Timezone (EST) so there are time differences in different areas.

Easy reference map for the US:

You can convert your time by clicking here or using this link ( If you want to find your own, click here. (

You want to find the hours difference between the EST timezone and your own timezone. For me, I live in California so my timezone is PST or Pacific Standard Time, so I would have a 3 hour difference from our server time.

Now just simply go to the profile button on the button bar at the top of the forums

Then hover over 'Modify Profile' then click on 'Look and Layout'

Then simply put in your time difference or click on auto detect. (Auto detect MAY NOT WORK. I tend to go the safe route and make sure the time offset is right for me.)

Now every single timestamp on the forums will be auto adjusted to your time offset.

2. Buddies!

A little feature of our Advanced Profile system allows for us to have a friends list or 'buddies list' on the forums.

To add a buddy, simply go to their profile, and click on add buddy.

A PM will then be sent to the member's Personal Message inbox with the request info. They can either choose to accept or deny the request.

To go to your buddies list, simply go to your profile

Then click on "Buddies/Ignore list"

3. PM Options

Among other things, you can modify the way your PMs are viewed to yourself and other features that are really helpful.

To mess with your PM options, go to your profile

Hover over 'Modify Profile' then click on 'Personal Messaging'

Now you can easily mess with the options here or copy what I already have.

Conclusion. Figure things our for yourself

Now I just showed you a few things that I found out. You can easily poke around and find out new things about the forum system all you want. Don't be afraid to try new settings, as you really can't break anything.

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