Leadership Changes

Started by Bryantdl7, September 28, 2023, 10:53:36 AM

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Quick leadership update as we navigate into the colder months of the year.

First off, Hish will be stepping down from manager for the time being per his request, so he will now be listed as retired staff. Per my conversation with him he's just too busy right now, so that's why he requested to be set to retired staff. He's leaving on good terms, just real life responsibilities come first.

Next up we have Derek going to retired from the co-owner role as he's also pretty busy with irl stuff. He's also retiring on good terms and just isn't online a lot lately. We're working to keep all active leadership rosters filled with people who are on frequently. Hopefully this change helps with that.

Now, onto some good news. Our prior manager Gundam is returning from retirement to take Hish's vacancy! This change is effective immediately, and as always if anyone needs help you can reach out to anyone on staff for assistance.

For our last piece of good news, the longtime staff member of over 9 years Sparky has not only returned from retirement, but also accepted a position as one of the co-owners. Sparky has been around since the beginning of Darkstorm, and has a proven track record of caring about the community and always being fun to be around. It is our hope as leaders of Darkstorm to make sure everyone in charge is very approachable, and I hope that this change aides in that.

Make sure to congratulate these two for coming back and be sure to hang out with them next time you see them on!

Oh yeah, and one last thing. If any of you reading this would even be interested in being staff we are always looking to get more people on our administrative team. If you are interested definitely reach out to us!

Current leadership can be found here: