Server Rules (Last modified 12/13/16)

Started by Bryantdl7, April 13, 2014, 01:39:09 PM

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Valid as of 2/9/16 - Not up to date below:
1. NOTHING On Spawn

2. No spamming in any way, shape, or form

3. Do not advertise anything

4. Do not intentionally exploit bugs in the game

5. Don't discriminate

6. Don't create anything with sexual references to it.

7. Don't go afk on the server for long periods of time

8. Don't use thruster sounds

9. Don't put anything in the skybox

10. No obnoxious/blinding/malicious PAC(s) of any sort

11. Don't Prop kill

12. RDMing is allowed in pvp mode.

13. Don't Yell into the Microphone

14. Please be respectful to people, we are all human beings with feelings.

15. If Staff members are on, do not votekick/voteban

16. If you are using PAC3, you have the right to ask a staff member to teleport you into an area where nobody can interfere with you.

17. Don't spawnkill

18. Don't trap anyone against their will

19. Noclip killing is not allowed

20. Don't abuse @help

21. Don't interfere with an admin while they are resolving a problem with another player

22. Don't use turret sounds

23. Don't cut people off while they are talking

24. Obnoxious ACF guns are not allowed

25. Do not make ACF bombs capable of RDM

26. Do not abuse ACF

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