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Started by Legendary™, January 10, 2016, 08:18:59 PM

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*Professional Moderator Guide*
This is the official Darkstorm moderator application guide, reading this post and understanding the requirements and the useful tips explained here on thread will ensure your application's success.

Honesty is Key:
Your application is usually the first time we get to fully know you as a person. Its the point of your application where we get to know who you are and how you operate. We want you to sell yourself to our server, we want you to try to be as honest as you can, it shows that you are able to tell the truth and tells us that you can be trusted and relied on. Lieing on your application will result in a instant DENIAL of your app.

We want you to be very colorful and creative with your app, add imagination and words that mean something to you. That doesn't mean add rainbow colors to your app. We want you to express yourself, how you deal with problems, and why you want to be a Mod. Make yourself unique from the others.

A lot of our applications think that hours are all that matters, and that's not exactly true, having 1000 or even 30 hours doesn't tell us how much you are committed to our server. True it shows you dedicate yourself to our server, but why should we favor someone over someone else based on hours? We get to know how much you want to be Mod, how much you care and desire through the way you act in your app.

Becoming a mod means you will be able to commit yourself to acting as a position of leadership, this means that you will be at the center of attention, everything you do is amplified by 10. If you break the rules, it's 10 times worse than as a regular player. You will have to sacrifice your time and energy to keep our server at the highest level of ability.

Can I apply for Admin instead?:
Unfortunely not, you will be chosen for mod if your app gets accepted, and after a series of time you will promoted by your supervisors, depending on your ability, commitment, and dedication.

How long until my app will be accepted?:
Your app will be accepted/denied in the course of a week voting period. If the period passes 3 days due, contact the managers, me, or the owners for assistance.

If you have broken the rules on many occasions, please explain why and if you have dealt with them.

We want your application to be personal, not like your actual name, Skype, or where you live, but put some soul into it. Show yourself to us, your personality, emotions, and how you deal with situations. It tells us if you are ready for the job and if you can handle the rank of Moderator.

Understanding the Format
A etiquette for Mod apps, would be that a moderator application will have the correct format. ALL of the requirements stated in the moderator format and rules for applying must be followed no matter what. They insures you can read and follow the directions of a command or even your superiors. Following the format is important, due to the fact we will get a understanding of how you do things, either if you are a quick but efficient worker, or a low, procrastinating person. We expect you to follow the required format before application, so please take the time to read and understand it to the best of your ability.
(More guide tips coming soon...)
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