Cracking Down on "Cheaters"

Started by derek01, August 13, 2016, 04:53:39 PM

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Recently I have gone through our anti-cheat system wondering if we had any detections lately, and sure enough there were.

Following Valve and their attempts to stop cheating on secure servers, we have implemented a system about 12-14 months ago that will be harsher on certain detections. CVar Manipulation and Clientside Lua Execution are overwhelmingly common, even together with detections. Any sight of our AC giving you an auto-kick warning will be logged so that Darkstorm Leadership can investigate this later.

All bans that are related to you getting hit by our Anti-Cheat system will be labeled with the following reason: Player Convicted | Cheats Detected in System

This follows a bit of a similar format with VAC.

So please do note, we will be hitting the logs more often to see who's been up to no-good as far as illegal scripts and such.
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