Server Cleanup

Started by Bryantdl7, August 28, 2019, 07:58:24 PM

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As of 8/28/19 a large number of addons have been removed from the server. Most likely, a large number of the addons you enjoyed are included in this cleanup.

Why did you do this?
We all know that we have been having a good amount of lag lately. In order to narrow down the culprit, I have decided to take a fresh start on a lot of the higher performance addons, and simply add them in using more rigorous guidelines.

Where can I go to request an addon get added?
Please head over to our development page, located on and open a new issue containing the following
- Reason you want the addon
- URL of the addon

What about other data on the server?
No other data on the server is being touched, such as maps, duplications, or props. We want everyone's hard work to not be lost.