Basic Rules for Clone Wars RP Servers

Started by [DSTM] Bond, May 17, 2023, 05:19:23 PM

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1. No Racism, Rudeness, Discrimination, and Bullying of any kind
2. Respect rankings as well as staff rankings
3. No RDM
4. Serious RP when Defcon 5, Downtime can break RP minorly
5. Any player who has a main character of a Jedi, Senate Commando, Navy, or Senate will be required to have a trooper second life (highest rank is SSGT)
6. Download the content pack to maximize gameplay.
7. All staff are required to stay in discord
8. No Spamming
9. No FailRP (Staff will let you know if you are fail RPing or not)
10. No lying, especially anyone who is applying for a staff position (no age requirement)
11. Please respect the rules that are given and everyone will have a fun time.
12. No mass promotion unless 3 members of staff approves
13. No Mic Spam
14. No sitting on players
15. No teleporting to players unless given permission or is an emergency (staff only)
16. No DDOS
17. Must request permission to take off if you are not the highest rank, if you are the highest rank just inform of take off (/comms This is Anakin Skywalker taking off in a LAAT from the MHB | /comms This is CT PVT PILOT 1738 Bond requesting permission to take off in LAAT from MHB)
18. Must stay in areas your clearance card allows it or you will be AOS
19. No Rocket Boosters in side unless we are in an event
20. Jedi's cannot ignite sabers at clones, if they do it is considered treason and jedi will be AOS and punishment will be decided by highest Jedi
21. Respect the ranking system you call any NCO + Sir, and salute to anyone who is 2ndLt +